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Guide for Universities

The NTP is encouraging university students to consider working with schools as volunteers or paid tutors. 
Tutoring can benefit your students by providing valuable work experience in a school environment for those interested in a career in teaching.
Many universities already work closely with schools through existing schemes and local partnerships and the NTP creates a further opportunity to develop these relationships.
Tutoring may also encourage new entrants to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes, particularly if your university is an ITT provider. 
This NTP guide for universities includes:
·       an overview of the programme and potential benefits for universities and students 
·       suggested models to show how you can get involved
·       what to do if your university is interested  
If you’d like to know more about the academic mentor route please contact Cognition Education.
To learn more about existing tuition partners visit All tuition partners.
For more information about becoming a tuition partner visit Becoming an NTP tuition partner.
For any other queries email

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