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In order for us to explain the next steps of the recruitment process and get a better understanding of your pupils needs please click on the image below or here to schedule an onboarding call. You can select the most appropriate time for you to meet your regional school relationship officer which will be hosted on Microsoft teams. Should you wish to arrange your call using an alternative platform please email

Please note:

Academic mentors are employed and contracted by your school and we will guide you through the recruitment process. To allow us to source and secure the best talent for your school this academic year, we must confirm your order via an onboarding call before Friday 12 January 2024.  

We will then commit to keeping you updated throughout the search process with the aim of deploying an academic mentor into your school by Friday 9 February 2024 at the latest. This should allow you time to complete your mandatory safeguarding checks and allow us to enrol your new mentor onto EDT training.

In addition to the service level agreement (which you can download here) we will discuss :
Funding and Policy confirmation
The role of an Academic Mentor
What you are looking for in an Academic Mentor
Timescales and interview availability
​We look forward to meeting you soon.