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​Thank you for your interest in becoming an Academic Mentor.

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Download the Academic Mentor job description here.

Eligibility - Step 1 of 7

What is your highest level of qualification?

Eligibility - Step 2 of 7

Will you be available to complete 15 hours of online training with the Education Development Trust? You can see more information on our training here.

Please be aware that no tutoring will start until your training is complete.

Eligibility - Step 3 of 7

Do you hold a level 4 (grade C) or above in GCSE Maths and English?

Eligibility - Step 4 of 7

Are you eligible to work in the UK?

Eligibility - Step 5 of 7

Have you been disqualified from working with children under the terms of the Childcare Act 2018? Please note a DBS check will be conducted by your employing school as part of the application process.

Eligibility - Step 6 of 7

We will always aim to offer you roles that are as close to your home address as possible, however you may be expected to commute up to 1 hour to a suitable school. Are you happy with this?

Eligibility - Step 7 of 7

Do you understand that, as a full-time Academic Mentor, you can expect to earn £19,000 per year, or £21,000 if you hold a university degree. Any additional benefits (enhanced pension payments, holidays, sickness pay etc.) will be dependent on the contract you have in place with your school. Part-time roles will be pro rata of the corresponding full-time salary?